Bouclème, the ultimate in plant-powered hair care for natural curls. Passionate about the planet as much as we are about curl-care, we bring you naturally derived, sustainable products in eco-friendly packaging.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


  • Newsletter allowed with explicit permission of Bouclème and dependent on content & must be pre-approved
  • Retargeting and Remarketing allowed with explicit permission of Bouclème & must be pre-approved
  • Affiliate sites must be complete and not under construction.
  • The affiliate program covers any and all sales made on and its subdomains. It does not include sales made on other sites, including international ones.


PPC Activity

Bidding on brand terms and misspells/derivatives thereof is forbidden on the Bouclème affiliate programme. Please see below some examples of specific terms which we ask that you negatively match against - both directly and as a broad term:





Boucleme UK

Boucleme US

Boucleme EU

Affiliates are also not allowed to bid against Bouclème on specific brand searches without explicit prior consent. Any affiliate partner who is found to be bidding on Bouclème key words and brand terms will be removed from the programme. Affiliates wishing to promote Bouclème via PPC through use of a landing page should first contact us.

Affiliates are not permitted to use any domain owned by Bouclème as their display URL for any paid ad activation.

Affiliates found contravening these terms may have their commissions declined and face immediate suspension from the programme.

Bouclème reserve the right to withhold commission payments to any affiliate found to be in breach of these terms.

Affiliates may not register or utilise any domain or subdomain name containing the term 'Bouclème'


Affiliates are requested to use only creative available within their affiliate account in their promotion of Bouclème. Please contact us if there is an additional size that you require. 

Affiliates are requested not to hard code banners into their sites so that updates made to the creative available through Affiliate Window will automatically have immediate effect.

Voucher Code Use

Any voucher codes promoted must be provided through the Bouclème Affiliate Programme. We reserve the right to withhold payment if non-authorised voucher codes are used in an affiliate sale.
Affiliates found to be using unauthorised voucher codes may face immediate suspension from the programme.

Notice and Action

Affiliates agree to action and remedy any request that brings them back in accordance with the Bouclème programme terms in no less than 7 UK working days. Exceptions to this rule are at the Affiliate Account Managers discretion.

Discounts & Vouchers

Expired discounts and vouchers must be removed from your website upon the day of expiry. Expired discounts and vouchers must not be communicated in any means or form to consumers. Only official discounts and vouchers communicated by the Affiliate Account Manager may be promoted by an affiliate. Discounts and Vouchers may not be promoted as being eligible to be combined with another form of discount, voucher or cashback unless explicitly stated by the Affiliate Account Manager. Affiliates must always promote Bouclème in a positive, relevant manner.

The following affiliate sites or behaviours are not permitted:

Under construction or incomplete sites  Contain adult content or are pornographic or sexually explicit. Promote violence, discrimination, terrorism, drug use, harassment, or other illegal activities. Use spyware or phishing techniques or are motivated by fraudulent and dishonest practices. Adopt black hat web practices. Work against the interest of Bouclème Participate in fraudulent activities. Affiliates are not allowed to promote Bouclème products on any Search Engines/PPC.  Advertise Sale against Bouclème if not in sale Affiliates must not duplicate or reproduce lifestyle images or product content from the Bouclème website. Any usage of the logo or creative must be approved Bouclème reserves the right not to honour any commissions that have been generated in a fraudulent or dishonest manner. Any affiliate found to be acting in a fraudulent or dishonest manner faces immediate expulsion, with any pending commissions withheld. Affiliates may not use the term 'scam' or similar to refer to Bouclème in any way, including a reference to say 'Bouclème is not a scam’.  Affiliates may not publish testimonial content about Bouclème products that is false or invented.  Affiliates may not make medical or other unwarranted claims about Bouclème products