With over 800 trips across all 7 continents designed for all budgets, all interests and all ages, there truly is a G Adventures for everyone. As the best kept secret in the UK, G Adventures helps more than 100,000 people find their adventure each year.

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United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

90 Days

Rules of the Game:

Most importantly: Be good. Do The Right Thing.

1 - Search

G Adventures prohibits its affiliates from bidding on trademarked terms (i.e. G Adventures, or any locally owned domains such as, etc) or any term containing misspellings. We encourage affilaite to bid on generic and long tail keywords and phrases. 


2 - Trademark / Branded domain

You may not use 'G' or 'G Adventures' in your domain name. However you may use the extension if it is written as 'G Adventures' and not as 'G' e.g.

NOTE: never use the word 'G' without the word 'Adventures'.


3 - Protected keywords

G Adventures, G, Gap Adventures, Gap, G.a.p, Great Adventure people,,,,, and any extensions, local domains or variations.


4 - Recommended keyword

adventure travel, adventure tours, overseas adventure travel, the amazon rainforest, travel africa, inca trail, lares trek, machu picchu, travel europe, thailand tours, peru tours, asia tours, south america tours, egypt tours, galapagos, family adventure holidays, volunteer trips, outdoor adventures, costa rica, safari, vacation, eco tours, sustainable tourism, responsible travel.