PlusDent = straight teeth. We are PlusDent: A health-tech company specialising in orthodontic treatment using invisible aligners. With over 200 dental partnerships, we operate in 8 countries.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


General Terms & Conditions of the PlusDent Partner Programme 


  1. Partners with illegal, political, violent, pornographic, or illegal content are excluded from participation in the partner programme. Additionally, as an advertiser, we reserve the right to terminate the collaboration with immediate effect if promotional material provided by us is included on this type of website. In this case, you will not be entitled to commission and any resulting transactions will be refused. 

  2. Only publishers who provide a valid disclaimer on their advertising space will be accepted for collaboration.

  3. Websites that are still under construction or that generate errors in any form, as well as websites that do not carry out a contents check, will be excluded from participating in the partner programme.

  4. Partners of the partner programme must have full legal capacity.


Advertising Material / Linking

  1. Without exception, advertising material provided by our partner programme may only be used on the advertising space registered at the time of registration for the programme.

  2. The publisher is responsible for ensuring the advertising material is up to date and agrees to immediately remove advertising material from their website as soon as it is noted by the advertiser, or it can be assumed that any advertising material may no longer be used.

  3. Without prior consent of the advertiser, any modifications of or additions to the advertising material provided is not permitted.

  4. The publisher will be granted permission via the network to use the advertising material provided for the duration of the collaboration with the partner programme. In the event of a termination of the collaboration, the advertising material may no longer be used by the publisher.

  5. Redirecting to the advertiser's website is only permitted if a registered publisher’s website that is visible to the end user is upstream (no direct or non-stop redirecting).

  6. Individual advertising material can be created in agreement with the advertiser.

  7. The use of pop-ups when a page is loaded is not permitted.


Product Data

  1. Using the product data feed provided by the advertiser outside of their own website on third-party platforms such as Google Shopping is prohibited.

  2. The publisher is responsible for always using the latest version of the product data feed offered by the advertiser for their advertising activities.


Browser plugins / Advertising via adware or spyware

  1. A combination of advertising material source codes for creating plugins for any browser (e.g. hotbars, toolbars), as well as advertising via adware or spyware is not permitted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.