PlusDent = straight teeth. We are PlusDent: A health-tech company specialising in orthodontic treatment using invisible aligners. With over 200 dental partnerships, we operate in 8 countries.


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We want to give everyone the chance to show their most beautiful smile by democratizing the access to state-of-the-art dental care.

We correct misalignment of the teeth using state of the art technology and applying highest medical standards. Our patients receive a treatment that is effective, convenient and easy to integrate in their daily lives. They benefit by saving time and money while experiencing a treatment that is superior to the treatment with braces. They are accompanied by our dentists at all times. We guarantee great results that will last a lifetime.

We are Germany’s No. 1 and the quality leader in our field. All our decisions or based on medical competence. This is why we are self-confident of what our treatment can do and can’t do. Our patients can rely on us for that. We put our patients first by being transparent about our product and the entire process. We provide our patients with all the informations in a clear and easy way so they can take a well-considered decision. We don’t patronize them or push them to a decision. But we are accessible and always on their side.