The Cheeky Panda is an eco-conscious brand that uses bamboo to create hypoallergenic toilet tissue, wipes, straws, & more. We have a passion for the environment and are looking for creators who match our commitment to sustainability to promote our brand.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


  1. Affiliates must negative match ‘The Cheeky Panda’ and all variations and misspellings of this in their PPC campaigns. Any commission earned from bidding on branded terms will be void.

  2. Affiliates must make it clear and obvious they may earn a commission from promoting The Cheeky Panda.

  3. Affiliates must at no time present themselves as an official representative of The Cheeky Panda.

  4. Affiliates must not alter, deface or otherwise change brand logos, banners or product imagery.