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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


(1) The Affiliate agrees on the full use and ownership of all imagery and content containing MC Online products and/or information to MC Online.

(1a) The Affiliate agrees on full ownership to MC Online for the purposes of promotional and advertising usage including but not limited to; media channels, media publications, website, tangible and paid advertisements.

(2) The Affiliate must accept the responsibility that all of the promotions and advertisement carried out by MC Online, must meet the Marketing and Advertising Law set by the UK government, as well as GDPR Laws.

(3) The Affiliate agrees to accept full responsibility for posts and content uploaded on social media accounts.

(4) The Affiliate agrees that all posts will follow an appropriate and non-vulgar approach; not containing swear words, nudity or any other inappropriate content.

(5) The Affiliate must ask for MC Online's approval before posting to ensure that the post follows branding guidelines and the Affiliate Agreement.

(6) The Affiliate must have written consent from both parties (Affiliate and MC Online) to terminate or modify the Affiliate Contract.

(7) All persons applying to the MC Online Affiliate Programme must disclose all brands they are currently working with. MC Online has the right to revoke all ambassadorships if brands have a conflict of interest.

(8) Affiliates must disclose information about past convictions or current disputes with MC Online. MC Online has the right to terminate contracts on the grounds of anti-social or dangerous behaviour.

(9) All Affiliates will be paid a month in arrears.

(10) Free products are given to those who have more than 10K following on Instagram. Affiliates with fewer than 10K Instagram following are eligible to receive items at a reduced rate. To find out more information, get in touch with our media team via

(11) Commission rates are subject to change.

(12) 5% commission begins from the first sale made.