Perfume's Club is the first online beauty shop in Spain, with discounts up to 70% on more than 25.000 beauty products (perfume, cosmetics, make-up, hair, etc.) and more than 500 professional brands.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


1. Use of keywords

Affiliates are not allowed to use in any case our brand name to improve their own SEO or SEM with the keywords Perfume's Club, PerfumesClub, perfumesclub, perfumes club, Perfumes Club, perfume's club, Perfume'sClub, perfume'sclub, Club Perfumes,,

If an affiliate is doing so and does not correct it after being notified, we will immediately stop our collaboration and pending commissions will not be paid.

2. Use of voucher codes

All affiliates can be granted a personalized voucher in the section "My Offers". If you don't find your own code in the section, feel free to contact us.

If an affiliate achieves a sale with a code that is not of its own, the commission linked to this sale will be canceled.

Affiliates can promote the codes of our temporary special offers when we communicate them, except for affiliates who belong to the category of 'voucher code platforms', who can only promote their own personalized codes.