MIKAKUS is a fashion sneaker brand based in Barcelona, designed in Italy and handmade in ethical factories of Portugal and Italy. Created to change the Status Quo, fleeing from the stereotypes of modern society, we push you to achieve the extraordinary.


Período de atribución (duración de la cookie)

30 Días

1. Use of the brand image

  • MIKAKUS reserves all rights of image approval in the use of the brand by affiliates. Campaigns must be reviewed prior to publication.
  • The brand may not be associated with any content that damages the image of the brand, defined at its own discretion.
  • Affiliates may create their own content but it must be approved by the brand before publication.
  • In case of publishing erroneous content, affiliates must remove it within a maximum period of 12 hours.
  • The brand name may be used by affiliates, but only with prior approval.
  • Under no circumstances may misleading content about the brand be disseminated.
  • Copyright must be respected by the affiliate when using material to promote the brand.

2. Restrictions

All affiliates are allowed to join our program with prior approval from MIKAKUS.

3. Termination with affiliates

The brand may terminate affiliates at any time and without argument if the situation requires it. They must be informed via the Awin platform or via email.

4. Validation of sales

Sales will be reviewed daily in the programme and Mikakus reserves a maximum period of one week to validate them. Payments will be made during the month following the end of the exchange and refund period. Sales may be refused in case of non-compliance with the conditions imposed by MIKAKUS.

5. Claims

All transactions must be claimed to and will be reviewed within a maximum period of 7 working days. 

6. Penalties

Failure to comply with the rules of the program may mean the temporary or total suspension of affiliates by MIKAKUS. In case of fraud the full amount of transactions must be returned by the affiliate within a maximum period of one week.

Discounts and vouchers

No codes, discounts or vouchers may be used without explicit consent. Should you wish to offer them, please contact MIKAKUS. 

Wholesale orders

MIKAKUS reserves the right to refuse commission on wholesale orders.


Affiliates must update the ad copy that appears in the search engine page results to ensure that it is consistent with the latest products.

PPC Policy

  • Please note that brand bidding restrictions apply to the MIKAKUS programme.
  • Affiliates are requested not to bid on brand or brand plus generic terms or ANY derivation or misspelling.
  • Affiliates may also not bid on terms where MIKAKUS appears in the natural top 3 lists for generic terms and not above their own PPC activity. To avoid matching problems, please include restricted terms such as negative keywords in all your PPC campaigns for MIKAKUS.
  • Affiliates are requested not to use any domain owned by MIKAKUS as their PPC display URL. 
  • Affiliates wishing to promote MIKAKUS through PPC by using a landing page should contact us. PPC affiliates who apply for the MIKAKUS program without first contacting us to discuss their promotion may find their application rejected.
  • Affiliates who contravene these terms may have their commissions rejected and face immediate suspension from the programme.
  • The MIKAKUS program also has a zero tolerance policy with CSS providers - publishers using CSS will be suspended from the program with all commissions declined until the listings are removed.

Domain Restrictions

Affiliates are asked not to register domains that are similar or contain misspellings of our brand, any such activity in the campaign will result in decreased commissions and domain recovery.


Affiliates are requested to use only the creative available within their affiliate account in their MIKAKUS promotion. Please contact us if there is an additional size you require.
Affiliates are requested not to introduce hard-coded banners on their websites in order for updates to the creatives available through the Affiliate Window to take immediate effect. MIKAKUS releases a new set of banners each season and also provides promotional banners on an ad hoc basis.

Notice and Action

Affiliates agree to act and remedy any request returned to them in accordance with the terms of the MIKAKUS program within no less than 7 business days Spain. Exceptions to this rule are at the discretion of Affiliate Account Managers.

Failure to comply with the terms

MIKAKUS reserves the right to withhold commission payments to any affiliate found to be in breach of these terms.