De Bijenkorf has been a strong brand and the leading department store in the Netherlands for 150 years. De Bijenkorf is aimed at the middle, higher and luxury segment, with focus on service, innovation and a premium shopping experience.




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Terms of the Affiliate program of deBijenkorf.de
De Bijenkorf has been a strong brand and the leading department store in the Netherlands for 150 years. De Bijenkorf is the most inspiring, surprising and creative department store where everyone is special. De Bijenkorf is aimed at the middle, higher and luxury segment, with focus on service, innovation and a premium shopping experience. Since its launch in April 2009, debijenkorf.nl developed into a very successful shop with more than ten million visitors per month. The webshop of de Bijenkorf has more than 1000 (international) brands online. The assortment of de Bijenkorf can also be delivered to Belgium, Germany, and Austria. We launched a France webshop as well on November 2nd. 

What makes this Affiliate program attractive?

  • A wide selection of 70,000+ items within accessories, cosmetics, womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and living.
  • The biggest online portfolio of 1.000 A-brands such as Alexander McQueen, Dyson, Hugo Boss & Tommy Hilfiger;
  • Free and quick delivery of orders, next day delivery and free returns;
  • High conversion rate and average order value;
  • Attractive percentage of commission by number of sales;
  • 30 days cookie tracking;
  • International expansion;
  • High brand awareness in The Netherlands due to brand communication via TV-commercials and more;
  • Extensive promotional advertising material such as text links, banners, email templates and datafeed and customized material available on request.

Description of the Affiliate program
De Bijenkorf works with the following commission models in which publishers are segmented by de Bijenkorf based on the type of website and the performance:
• Promotion/sale items 3%
• Deals/Cashback/Loyalty 4%
• Standard 7%
• Premium (high end content/shopping) 10%
• Premium Plus 12%

A 3% commission is applicable on discounted products. No commission is paid on de Bijenkorf Gift Card, ShippingPlus and returned purchases. De Bijenkorf currently has a return period of sixty (60) days. Sales will be checked on returns after these sixty days (or after the relevant return period as stated on de Bijenkorf website at that moment).

The following publisher channels are eligible to participate in the Affiliate Program:
• Blogs
• Shopping-portals
• Fashion-portals
• Shoe-portals
• Lifestyle-portals
• Electronic-portals
• Beauty-portals
• Gadget-portals

Admission to the Affiliate Program
Publishers can submit a request to participate in the Affiliate program of de Bijenkorf, after which de Bijenkorf will assess - partly on the basis of the program terms listed below - whether the publisher is suitable for participation. De Bijenkorf has a closed Affiliate program and reserves the right to refuse applications. The publisher's website must be ready before the publisher signs up for the Affiliate program of de Bijenkorf.

By submitting an application request, the publisher declares to agree to the program terms of the Affiliate program of the Bijenkorf (hereinafter: “Program terms”). On acceptance of the application request of publisher by de Bijenkorf, the participation of the Publisher will constitute a legally binding agreement entered into by the publisher and de Bijenkorf, to which these Program Terms apply (hereinafter: the “Agreement”). These Program Terms and the Agreement are governed exclusively by Dutch law. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG) is expressly excluded. The competent court in Amsterdam is exclusively competent to hear disputes between de Bijenkorf and the Publisher that arise from the Agreement or these Program Terms.

De Bijenkorf is entitled to change the Program terms. In principle, important changes will be announced to the publisher by e-mail and will take effect seven (7) days after the announcement, or on a different date stated in the announcement. If a publisher does not wish to accept the changes, the publisher may terminate his / her participation in the Affiliate Program by e-mail from the date the change takes effect. The cancellation must have been received by de Bijenkorf and Awin before the effective date of the change. Since changes are corresponded by e-mail, the publisher is obliged to provide a valid e-mail address when registering and notify de Bijenkorf and Awin of any changes in the contact details in time.

When registering with Awin's Affiliate Marketing Network, the publisher also agrees to the Awin Standard Terms for Publishers (“Standard Terms”). If Awin and the publisher have agreed on deviating terms, the publisher shall inform de Bijenkorf thereof prior to participating in the Affiliate program of de Bijenkorf. Applicability of general terms and conditions used by the Publisher is hereby explicitly rejected.

Communication rules and restrictions
Please read the communication rules and restrictions in the tab "Branding". 

Processing of personal data and applicable law- en regulations

Insofar as publisher, Awin and de Bijenkorf are joint controllers in the meaning of article 26 of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), the publisher guarantees to process personal data in compliance with applicable data protection law and regulations such as article 11.7 of the Dutch Telecommunications Act (Telecommunicatiewet) and the GDPR, including, but not limited to compliance with the obligations regarding the exercising of the rights of data subjects and the duties to provide the information referred to in Articles 13 and 14 GDPR.

Publisher shall indemnify de Bijenkorf against all claims, proceedings or actions brought by a third party, including a competent public authority and/or an individual, against de Bijenkorf in connection with a breach of the abovementioned guarantee and/or applicable data protection law- and regulations in the performance of the Affiliate program by publisher.

Publishers undertake to treat all data and information concerning or related to the customers, products, business operations and organization of de Bijenkorf, which are disclosed to the publisher in connection with the execution of the Affiliate program, as confidential and not use it for any other purpose than for which they were provided to the publisher. Publishers are obligated to delete this data after the campaigns and participation in the Affiliate program is terminated.

De Bijenkorf wishes to collaborate with active publishers and establish intensive relationships. De Bijenkorf carries out monthly evaluations in which the quality of the traffic is evaluated. This mainly focuses on the percentage of new visitors, which must be at least 30%. If a publisher has been found to be inactive for three consecutive months (0 sales), de Bijenkorf can decide to terminate the collaboration.

In any case, de Bijenkorf is at all times entitled to terminate the cooperation under this Affiliate program by e-mail without giving any reason, subject to a notice period of two (2) weeks.

Without prejudice to the other rights of de Bijenkorf, de Bijenkorf is also entitled to terminate the cooperation with a publisher with immediate effect by e-mail and to reject the sales in case:
a) the publisher does not fully or partially fulfill its obligations as set out in these Program Terms;
b) the website of the publisher could, in the opinion of de Bijenkorf, be contrary to public order, morality, objectionable, harm the reputation of de Bijenkorf or in any other way cause damage to de Bijenkorf;
c) the publisher acts unlawfully against de Bijenkorf and / or third parties in the context of the Affiliate program;
d) De Bijenkorf requests additional information about promotional activities and the publisher does not respond within 48 hours.


These Program Terms were last modified on March 18th, 2021.