Honcho is a fresh, new way to buy car and van insurance where insurance providers fight it out in a real-time reverse auction over just 30 seconds to offer the best deal to consumers for the precise insurance cover that they've asked for.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

60 Days


Honcho is the UK's first reverse auction marketplace for insurance, and is the smarter new way to buy car and van insurance.

We're different from all price comparison websites in many ways

1 - There is no nasty commission hidden away in the insurance price that the consumer pays (which can be up to £60 on PCW)

2 - Our insurance providers bid and counter-bid against each other in a real time reverse auction to present the consumer with the best possible price for the exact cover they've asked for

3 - We're on the side of the consumer - we want them to buy the cover that precisely meets their needs, rather than just the cheapest which actually might not cover their specific requirements

We launched in 2019 and already have dozens of car and van insurance providers on our Honcho marketplace.



Honcho is FCA authorised, and we require publishers to adhere to our FCA Regulations T&Cs. This includes only using copy and assets provided by Honcho, and requiring signoff from Honcho of any additional content. This is necessary as all advertising promotions must adhere to the FCA Financial Promotions regulations.



PPC Restrictions – No Brand Bidding

Do not bid for the Honcho brand, or associated terms such as Honchometer or Reverse Auction Marketplace on Google, Bing or any other PPC bidding platform


Affiliate Display URLs -

  • No affiliate is allowed to use any Honcho domains.
  • Affiliates must not have reference to Honcho such as /honcho as part of their domain.
  • Affiliates may not use the term as a subdomain in their URL, e.g.. 



Honcho pays affiliates £15.95 for each confirmed purchase of car insurance by a new user introduced by the affiliate to Honcho.


Why do smart drivers use Honcho?

  • They value buying the right insurance to meet their needs, not just the cheapest at all costs
  • They want a fresh and easy experience that makes buying insurance a breeze
  • They want to get access to Honcho Rewards, our money-off savings scheme available to Honcho customers (see
  • They want to have insurers do all of the running around to get them a better price for the cover they want, rather than having to do all of the chasing themselves


Partner termination

Honcho reserves the right to reject any affiliate partner at any time without reason. We monitor for potential fraudulent activity and will alert the relevant partner should we have any suspicion of such activity.