As a technology company, Getsafe utilizes digital solutions: With just a few clicks, customers can learn about, buy, and manage insurance conveniently on their smartphone, all without any paperwork. Simple, transparent, and consumer-friendly.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

90 Days


  • Getsafe pays out on a ‘last click wins’ basis. When a customer comes through to the Getsafe site from any source, the string in the URL drops a cookie that contains the source code which is valid for 90 days.
  • If the customer doesn’t purchase insurance the cookie remains active for 90 days, unless another paid source is used the next time the customer comes to the Getsafe site. If this happens the original cookie will be overwritten with a new 90 day cookie with an associated source code.
  • Once a customer completes a successful purchase, if they go on to purchase an additional product with Getsafe, this sale will be seen to be a natural/organic sale and will not be attributed to the source code of the original product purchased.

Getsafe can be promoted via:

  • Display
  • SEA but not on the name of the advertiser
  • Ads on own Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Vouchercodes
  • Cashback

A sale is valid if the insurance contract is still active 2 months after its start. The validation of sales, whose insurance contract startdate is set in the future, will happen 2 months after that startdate, therefore a maximum validation period of 365 days.