Aeyla (formally Mela) is our fresh start, with a new mission to help you break the sleep-stress cycle. Aeyla’s current product range consists of weighted blankets, pillows, bedding and aromatherapy products to help customers create better routines.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Tone Of Voice

When thinking of archetypes, we are a blend of the Regular Girl/Guy and the Caregiver, underpinned by the Sage: we give friendly advice and support, understand, and help our customers without being judgemental.

• Friendly
• Thoughtful
• Kind
• Non-judgemental

• Informal


The logo must be used as it is and not be altered in any way. This means that you must not stretch or distort the logo, outline, rotate, add shadow or 3d effects. It is also forbidden to display other elements within the logo’s designated clear space.

Logo placement

The preferred method of placing the Aeyla logo is on one of the brand colors, or on a white background. It is necessary to preserve the best possible readability, so some images will not be suitable.

Color palette

Mela’s main brand color is Pantone 5665 U. Other colors within the brand palette are Pantone 447 U, Pantone P 179-1 U, Pantone 4755 U and Pantone 7541 U. Gold foil is used on some elements of printed materials to elevate the brand and make it look more premium. The color palette is an essential element of Mela’s brand identity and should be used consistently.

Typography system

There are two main font families, that should be used in Mela’s branding materials: Avenir and Brandon Grotesque. Avenir is used for all the headings and smaller texts (also in Italic form), while Brandon Grotesque is used in majusculas with letter spacing 200 for smaller headlines.

In order to keep the communication consistent, the use of one of these fonts is indicated.