Trusted by over one million customers worldwide, Wiggle is the number one fitness store for cycle, run, gym, outdoor, swim and tri products. Excel with quality products from brands such as Assos, Adidas, Campagnolo, Shimano and Under Armour.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Programme T&Cs

Search Term Restrictions
Pay per click (PPC) search activity and brand name bidding is strictly forbidden by Wiggle.

This is including but not limited to PPC, Adword, AdSense, Content networks, Social Networks' advertisement, display and shopping etc.You undertake not to modify any creative made available through Awin and are not allowed to conduct display activities of any kind with self-designed creatives, without express permission and sign-off by Wiggle.

The following keywords are brands exclusive to Wiggle and cannot be referenced in any paid search advertising which may compete against our current paid search strategies. Affiliates are required to add brands exclusive to Wiggle as broad match negatives across their paid search accounts. These are:





Wiggle Nutrition


Vitus Bikes






Seal BMX

Chain Reaction Cycles








Affiliates are not permitted to bid on misspells or variations of our brand name as a keyword within paid search activity.

Examples: Wigle, Wigglle, Wigglle, life line, dbh etc.

Hybrid terms:
Affiliates are not permitted to bid on brand plus derivatives (including misspells and variations) within paid search activity.
Example: Wiggle Cycle, Wiggle BMX Bike, Wiggle Race Face Prodigy OE Stem etc.
Ad copy restrictions:
Affiliates are not permitted to use any of our brand names within their ad copy for paid search activity.
For example: 'Wiggle Voucher Codes". This could result in suspension from the program and no further commission being accepted.
Domain Restrictions:
 Affiliates may not use domain names that contain the Wiggle brand names, any connotations of this brand name or any domain name that would falsely associate Wiggle with a 3rd party site.
Example: ,,,,
Affiliates are not permitted to bid on any of the merchant’s URLs nor link directly to any variation of this domain in any form of PPC activity–
Any affiliates found to be bidding on brand terms or variations will be suspended from the program and commission will be rejected.
Validation period

Please note, due to the returns period available on Wiggle, all transactions will be subject to a 60 day validation period. 

VAT is only included in the transaction value of sales where the delivery address is based in the UK

All transaction queries must be submitted within 60 days of the sale date we reserve the right to decline sales after this time period.
De-Duping Policy
Wiggle are de-duplicating all sources which they pay for and will only accept commissions that have come through the affiliate on a last click basis.
Sources that won't be accepted in validations include:
-Generic pay-per-click (PPC) adverts
-Comparison shopping engines
-Paid banners
-Email marketing
-Other affiliate networks.
This includes transactions that are part cancelled. Affiliates will always earn commission on products which have been dispatched from Wiggle.
Voucher Codes
Wiggle may occasionally work with an individual voucher affiliate, supplying them with a unique voucher intended for promotion by that publisher only. This will be uploaded into AWIN and designated as limited to the respective publisher and is not for mass affiliate use. Any transactions found to have utilized this voucher where the last referring click was not the intended unique publisher will be declined.
Publishers may only promote voucher codes that have been issued through the affiliate channel. If a publisher is found to be promoting voucher codes that have not been issued through the affiliate channel pending commission payments may be zeroed and transactions may be declined (where a voucher code has been used). Please do not display onsite any voucher codes that have not been issued to you directly by Wiggle (this includes voucher codes that Wiggle may be advertising on site or send out to their email base).
Affiliates are required to keep promotions up to date with a clear expiry date displayed and not keep expired vouchers live.
Wiggle Refer a Friend Scheme
Affiliates should not use the Wiggle Refer a Friend Scheme in conjunction with any affiliate program.
Price Comparison Services
Affiliates are not permitted to use any of the following price comparison services where Wiggle currently advertise including, but not limited to:
Google Shopping (formerly known as Google Base or Froogle).
Bing Shopping
Gift Vouchers
Wiggle doesn't pay commission on orders paid using a Wiggle gift voucher.

As an approved subnetwork you are and will be responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations related to partners on your platform. When reporting traffic and sales back to Wiggle/ Chain Reaction programmes, you must use the click reference parameter (clickref) to identify the publisher and inform us of the last referring sub-publisher URL that drove the sale. Partners that do not comply will be suspended from ALL Wiggle/ Chain Reaction programmes.


Product Feed
Wiggle upload a daily data feed to the AWIN interface that contains the most up to date product listings and prices. We ask all affiliates to present the most up to date prices on their sites by downloading the feed on a daily basis.
The Wiggle product feed is available to market Wiggle products only.
The feed is to be used for the affiliate’s own website. Should you be found to be using the product feed for any other reason than promoting Wiggle products you will be in breach of the terms and conditions.
Affiliates must only promote current offers. Any affiliate found to be consistently promoting incorrect, out of date or misleading prices will be removed from the merchant’s affiliate program.
For other specific country feeds, please contact your affiliate manager.
General Promotion
Affiliates should only use advertising material and content supplied by Wiggle or AWIN on behalf of Wiggle (i.e. all advertising material must be downloaded from the Awin interface) and must not edit or modify any of this material unless they gain written consent from the Wiggle Affiliate Manager.
We ask that affiliates do not hardcode banners into their site so that creative updates can take place.
Wiggle logo
Use of the Wiggle name and/or logo in any email material is not permitted unless approved by the Wiggle Affiliate Manager.
Publishers must use the latest and correct Wiggle identity to promote Wiggle - Please contact us for any branding requests.
Wiggle has the right to decline commission if the identity is incorrect.

Publishers can find the logo on AWIN interface: Links & Tools - Banners


Mobile App Tracking

App to app tracking is not yet available and so transactions made on the app will not yet be eligible for commission. Tracking is available on our mobile website and so we would like to encourage you to continue directing traffic to the mobile version of the website where appropriate.


If you are a cashback or loyalty publisher who passes on the commission to your users, we urge you to update the relevant terms and conditions for Wiggle on your website or app to make this clear


Site Search
Affiliates links should under no circumstances include the following parameters in the URL:
• ?s=
• ?Sr=
Links should be generated by using site navigation, not by using the search box on the Wiggle site. Orders driven by links containing the parameters above will not qualify for commission.   If you could not find an appropriate landing page, please contact us.
Affiliates accept that in becoming a Wiggle affiliate they will act in a responsible manner that does not bring Wiggle and any of its associated brands, products or services into disrepute.

Affiliates found breaching any of the above stated terms and conditions will be served a warning, commission payments may be put on hold and they may be suspended from the Wiggle affiliate program. Periodic infringement will result in permanent removal from the program and all pending commission payments declined.


Wiggle reserve the right to change and modify these terms, conditions and restrictions at any time without prior notice.