The Paisley Box is a place where the Bride can purchase all the gifts she needs for her Bridal Party. We specialize in Bridesmaid Robes, or the Robes you wear as you get ready on your Wedding Day.

Primary Region

United States of America


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


General Terms:
Final billable numbers are according to Advertiser reporting.  Billable numbers are issued on or around the 10th of the month for the prior month.
Advertiser holds the right to determine the validity of all actions submitted. Any action that does not meet the requirements or deemed invalid by the Advertiser will be considered invalid.
Actions Considered Invalid but not limited to:
Fraudulent Credit Cards.
Fraudulent or incorrect personal information.
Order cancellations.
Not in compliance with terms.
Restricted Promo code actions

Consumer must be 18+, US Only.
Caps and payout subject to change by Advertiser.
No cross publication of offer from one network to another.  Network clients may not publish the offer to any other network, agency or entity.  Networks may only promote the program to their own internal network publishers.
Offer payouts must be “locked” at the street payouts as listed in the Public Insertion Order in Impact Radius.
No network may publicly display the offer at rates other than that shown in the Public IO.
Use of any unapproved creative will result in non-payment of all actions.
At their sole discretion, if the Advertiser and/or SmarterChaos determine the Publisher traffic to be in violation of any of the terms contained herein, the Publisher will be obligated to forego and/or pay back any commissions that were generated via this type of traffic and any future commissions from this traffic will be denied. The Advertiser and/or SmarterChaos the Agency will reserve the right to immediately terminate the Insertion Order at any time if this agreement is breached.

RESTRICTED PROMO CODES: The advertiser holds the right to restrict certain "non-affiliate program" coupon or promo codes and as a result actions submitted with restricted promo codes will be invalid conversions and will not be a payable event. Only those promo codes listed in the Impact platform for the advertiser will be considered valid codes.

RECURRING CONVERSION POINT TERMS: Sale conversion occurs upon Credit Card submission and completed sale.

Email Terms:
Publisher represents and warrants that, with respect to email campaigns transmitted by Publisher for Merchant in connection with any Offer, Publisher shall at all times maintain strict compliance with the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 (the “CAN-SPAM Act”), all rules and official guidance promulgated by the FTC pursuant to the CAN-SPAM Act, the Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC”) rules and orders regulating the transmission of commercial email to wireless devices, and all other applicable federal, state, local and international laws and regulations.  In addition, without limiting the foregoing, Publisher agrees that it will comply with the following requirements.  If Publisher uses a third party to transmit email on its behalf, then that third party and Publisher will be treated as one and the same for purposes of this Agreement.

Use the following steps to insure all Emails are CAN-SPAM Compliant. All email creative must include the following items (in addition to image) before an email drop.
1. Must have unsubscribe/opt-out link.
2. Must have physical address where the browser can unsubscribe.    
a. 123 Anywhere Lane
b. Mytown
c. State, Zip
Always download the suppression list and scrub it against your list. Do not email without it.
Always use Suppression files before Emailing.
Use Advertiser approved “From” lines only. Do not use false or misleading header information.
Use Advertiser approved subject line only. Do not use deceptive subject lines, Identify the message as an ad.
Honor opt-out requests promptly
You MUST setup links so that any complaints are sent to you or your email support staff and not to SmarterChaos or the Advertiser. Do not modify the Advertiser unsubscribe link unless you have been emailed a “Key” with suppression file download and/or specific opt-out link.