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The Bear Grylls Adventure

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The Bear Grylls Adventure is the new home of Earth’s greatest challenges. Visitors can test their limits on some of the world’s most incredible, mental and physical trials.

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United Kingdom


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30 Days


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The Bear Grylls Adventure 

4% for all sales 

Programme membership

The programme membership will be based on brand and demographic fit, which we will assess on an ongoing basis. If any affiliate fails to meet the threshold for this, then we will be in touch to discuss the partnership moving forward.

Please note that while the Bear Grylls Adventure is happy to discuss exposure opportunities with affiliates, affiliates must not release confidential or sensitive information around campaigns into the public domain at any time before this is live on the Bear Grylls Adventure site and/or has been approved to do so by the Bear Grylls Adventure Affiliate Team.  Any breaches of confidentiality may result in immediate suspension from the Bear Grylls Adventure programme.                                      

PPC Terms & Conditions

Affiliates are not permitted to bid on brand terms on the Bear Grylls Adventure campaign. Affiliates should add the brand term as a negative term on exact, phrase and broad match. A non-exhaustive list of brand terms can be found below:

  • Bear grylls nec
  • Bear grylls adventure
  • Bear grylls Birmingham
  • Bear grylls experience
  • Bear grylls nec
  • Bear grylls adventures

Email Marketing

Prior to distribution, all offer copy/messaging must be sent to the Bear Grylls Adventure Affiliate Team for approval.


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We recommend that affiliates do not hard-code the creative provided in the awin interface to ensure that creative is automatically updated when changes are made in the interface.