We sell primarily mens underwear, but also mens clothing. We offer 7% commission full price items and our average order values can run high due to the higher cost of our items.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Box Menswear Affiliate Programme


4% Default 

Box Menswear will pay affiliate commission based on the NET sale amount (exclusive of VAT) and delivery cost will not be included in the sale amount that tracks on the affiliate programme

PPC Restrictions – No Brand Bidding

Box Menswear would like to inform its affiliates that it is restricting affiliates bidding on brand terms on all search engines unless authorised to do so via email/written communication. Any affiliates found to be bidding on brand terms will be removed from the programme and any commission made on these sales will not be paid by the merchant.

Display URLs

You cannot operate domains which contain the Box Menswear trademark for the sole purpose of driving traffic from Search Engines.

Any affiliate using this display URL may be removed from the programme.

Affiliates may not use trademarks term as a subdomain in their URL