BAM – Bamboo Clothing Ltd is a sustainable performance activewear brand that focuses on creating the softest clothing made from the world’s most sustainable crop – bamboo. High performance, low impact​.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Affiliates should only promote voucher codes which have been supplied to them by BAM Bamboo Clothing either through the AWIN interface or directly from a member of the BAM team. Commissions will not be paid for affiliate sales made with voucher codes originating from BAM Bamboo Clothing's own printed or digital marketing campaign. Commissions will not be paid for affiliate sales made with an unauthorised voucher code. We reserve the right to suspend publishers who do not cease promoting unauthorised voucher codes upon request. Codes cannot be applied to print-on-demand t-shirts, gift cards, or Purple Sock Day charity socks.


Existing Customer with or without offer code supplied by BAM: 1%

New Customer without offer code: 15%

New Customer with offer code supplied by BAM 8% 

Only vouchers and discount codes displayed in our ‘My Offers’ section will be eligible for commission.


PPC activity of any kind is not allowed

Validation period

There is a 30 day validation period to allow for returns or cancelled orders. We aim to pay commission within 40 days. For orders with part returns, the commission will be amended to reflect the new sale amount. For orders which are returned entirely, the commission will be declined.