Blip Finance offers New Car Finance for clients who might have has a blip with their credit record.

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United Kingdom

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the “Blip Finance Partner Program”

Blip Finance pays commission on leads generated by affiliates.

The process for tracking and monitoring these sales is done via user sign ups. We track sign-ups generated by affiliates on a last click basis - the customers ID number will be stored by Awin and we use a feed and customer ID numbers that have converted to sales to validate those sign ups we pay commission on. Commission is only paid to customers which have been contacted and responded. 

We operate a standard 30-day cookie on sign ups and then allow 90 days for those sign ups to convert to sales (the average delay from sign up to sale is ~25 days). 

Because we are operating a standard last click model and the source of the last click is directly linked to the user sign up in our database there should be no de-duplication needed.

Validation of signups will happen every day via our feed of sales IDs however it may take some time for these users to convert (the reason for the 90 day period).

We ask that Affiliates also adhere to our PPC, brand & retargeting guidelines.

Please note - upon closure this merchant operates a 7 day notice period. 

Cort Contracts Ltd. (Blip Finance)