Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site with over 70m unique monthly visitors.

Primary Region

New Zealand


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
These terms and conditions form the minimum standards Skyscanner expects of its affiliate partners whenever our brand is being advertised on an affiliate's website.

Skyscanner does not accept unavailable, incomplete, broken, empty pages or pages that can't guarantee a satisfactory user experience.
Skyscanner does not accept content aimed at one market, appearing on a page that is aimed for services or pages that have a different market in mind. Affiliates should only use advertising content that is relevant to the market in which their page or service is aimed at (example: content that is marketed in the Italian language but directed to consumers based in Japan).
Skyscanner does not allow brand SEM (including mistyped keywords) bidding.
Skyscanner does not allow Pay-per-click traffic.
Skyscanner does not allow disruptive ad formats (like pop up banners), cookie stuffing, toolbars and browser extensions or any other sort of fraudulent activity that is not related to a genuine potential traveler.
Skyscanner does not allow bots, all affiliates must be genuine users.
Skyscanner does not allow publishers sending traffic to the last transitional page to the supplier site. Traffic must land on a page that is not being automatically redirected.
Skyscanner does not allow non-transparent publishers sites and subnetworks. We need to be able to understand the user journey and sub-publishers within our affiliates.
Skyscanner does not allow an inappropriate use of the Skyscanner brand (fares with errors and how to cheat partners).
Skyscanner does not allow (except in experimental pre-approved cases) the promotion of the Skyscanner Affiliation Program through mistyped domains of the Skyscanner brand, our competitors or any other sort of mistyped domains.
Skyscanner does allow pages not related to travel, but do not allow sites that are not aligned with the values of Skyscanner:
Adult sites / sexual content.
Drugs of any kind.
Violence or terrorism.
Ideologies that discriminate by gender, ethnic, country, language or sexuality.
Illegal content like: how to scam, piracy or illegal material.
Personal, confidential content.
Any practices or content that does not comply with the above requirements will not count towards the affiliate's commission payment. Skyscanner reserves the right to terminate or suspend the affiliate's access to Skyscanner advertising content and its participation in the relevant affiliate network, without notice. The affiliate must also comply with its obligations under its contract with the relevant affiliate network provider.


Car Rental Redirect - A redirect from the skyscanner site to partner car rental company

  • 50% commission
  • 30 day referral period
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Standard lifecycle

Travel Agent Redirect - A redirect from the skyscanner site to partner Travel Agent 

  • 50% commission
  • 30 day referral period
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Standard lifecycle

Airline Redirect - A redirect from the skyscanner site to a partner airline

  • 50% commission
  • 30 day referral period
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Standard lifecycle

* We do not on board the following type of publishers on to our affiliate program: PPC bidding, popup and pop-under, teaser network, cookie stuffing site and sites that only house links and banners.