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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Bobshop Affiliate Program General Terms and Conditions

Any Affiliate found to be in violation of any of the Terms will be removed from the Program and may have its commissions revoked upon investigation.


Commission approval criteria

The commission is payable for sales tracked directly through Awin and assigned to the affiliate account ID based on a last click. Sales commissions are paid as follows:


up to 10 sales per month 5%.

11-20 sales/month 6%.

21-30 sales/month 7%.

of 31 sales/months 8%.


The sale must be confirmed by Bobshop with the confirmation that the payment has been received in full from the customer. We do not pay commission for the redemption of gift vouchers or receipts on our website. The commission will be paid as long as all conditions are met.


Creative / Banner

Bobshop delivers creative products in line with the current promotions available through the affiliate program. If an Affiliate wishes to use alternative graphical content, it must submit it to Bobshop for approval - once signed, it is freely available to the Affiliate.



Commissions or refunds are not paid for orders that are cancelled before the validation process. This rule also applies to purchase orders where an item that is part of that purchase order is cancelled, exchanged, or changed prior to validation.



All publishers must comply with the Bobshop products, which includes the listing of correct offers, discounts and costs for products and delivery. Affiliates who display non-compliant copies on the Site will be given 7 days' notice, after which their commission rate will be set at 0% until the copy is corrected. Failure to comply with and correct the copy within 7 days may, at Bobshops discretion, result in exclusion from the Programme.