Footwear that reduces foot, leg and back pain. Engineered with a patented coil, impact to the ground is reduced by 50%. And less impact means less pain. Z-CoiL footwear lasts 2 to 3 times longer than normal footwear saving you money!

Primary Region

United States of America


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Program Terms (Global) Affiliate Program

Z-CoiL is the world’s leader in pain relief footwear, with over one million pairs sold. Z-CoiL is a pioneer in the shoe industry with the original spring shoe.  Z-CoiL was the first company with a spring in a shoe, first company with a built-in orthotic, and first with an insole with replaceable parts.  The Z-CoiL brand loyalty is second to none, with most customers purchasing multiple pairs in the first year.

Z-CoiL was invented by a runner and shoe veteran Al Gallegos. One day during the run that changed his life, the concept of a spring literally appeared in his head "All of a sudden I had this concept of a spring on the bottom of my shoe during my run - I will never forget that moment.”  Watch more on Al Gallegos here:

The Z-CoiL Affiliate Program is designed or anyone who has influence over the baby boom generation.  Z-CoiL is not a shoe but equipment to deal with the pain, injury and aggravation of standing, walking and running on hard surfaces. Z-CoiL is very popular among nurses and other medical professionals, mail delivery, teachers, retail and hospitality staff, and active retirees.

Why should you join the Z-CoiL Affiliate Program?

  1. Consumer Need:  Z-CoiL offers people with foot, leg and back pain as simple and cost-effective solution.  No pills, no surgery, no expensive therapy.  Thousands of people world-wide suffer unnecessarily due to excessive impact from the ground.  Hard surfaces are NOT natural and place too much impact on the body - and when combined with a heavier population many nations are facing epidemic levels of foot leg and back pain.


  1. Direct Revenue Sharing: The Z-CoiL affiliate program enables you to make a percentage on every sale you deliver, providing you with a proven commission path to help you make the most of your traffic.


  1. Impeccable Customer Experience: With its award winning design, the Z-CoiL website offers an impeccable customer experience and resulting high conversion.


  1. Long Lasting Cookies: With a cookie life of 30 days, the Z-CoiL program allows you to continue earning revenue as customers return weeks later to make additional sales.


Affiliate Tools

Z-CoiL makes several highly converting tools easily available to affiliates.


  • A thorough selection of highly converting graphic banners at your disposal.
  • Our banners are available premade in numerous designs, sizes and languages in order to fit seamlessly with your promotions.

Links / Deep Links:

  • Use the Awin Link Builder to create your links right here.
  • Links can be made to any page on ensuring the most relevant landing pages for your visitors.
  • Pre-created text links are also available for direct implementation on your site


Get Paid More with Z-CoiL

The Z-CoiL affiliate program offers a simple and rewarding commission structure that makes it straight forward to see the direct results of your efforts.

For all sales we offer a standard commission rate of 20% / transaction.  Commission is paid after the purchase has been completed. 

Transaction Inquiries 

Please do not submit transaction inquiries until the customer has checked out.  As Z-CoiL does not validate until the customer has checked out.