Uncapped budget on Windows, Solar, Roofing, & HVAC leads. If you can find homeowners in need of these projects, we want to pay you lots of $$. We spend millions every month on these leads. Our team can provide all the assets. You just have to push send.

Primary Region

United States of America


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Purchase category: Affiliate marketing leads

Campaign: HVAC, Windows, Solar, Roofing


Payment structure for leads:

Solar: E-mail, National ($11)

Solar: Geo-Targeted - Display (payouts vary on targeting ability)

Roofing: E-mail & Display, National ($14)

HVAC: E-mail & Display, National ($14)

Windows: E-mail, National ($35)

Windows: Display - National ($30)


Coverage trades/area: Continental USA


Payment structure for leads:

Modernize agrees to purchase leads from above affiliate for the specific campaigns listed above.  Leads will be sent and invoiced according to the criteria shown in the payment structure below.  Modernize and the affiliate agree to an initial test campaign, lasting for 200 leads per campaign. 


Test Period:   During the initial test period of 200 leads, the affiliate will send no more than 200 leads per campaign.  This will give Modernize time to adjust if there are significant quality issues.



Additional terms: 

A qualified lead is defined as a lead that is submitted by a homeowner and includes a valid phone number, name, email address, and project type.

Tracking will be done through server-to-server implementation.

There will be no returns unless obvious fraud is committed.

Creatives/subjects/froms must be pre-approved by Modernize.

Monthly reporting of qualified leads will be provided no later than the 5th day of the calendar month.

Invoices received by will be paid within 30 days upon receipt (Net30).

All leads must be sent exclusively to

This contract may be paused at anytime by either party, to be effective within 48-hour notice.

Modernize will provide, on a monthly basis, reporting of each lead that has been received over the previous month. Affiliate shall have 3 business days from the date of the report to dispute the number of leads stated therein. Unless disputed within such period, the number of leads listed in the monthly report issued after the Notice Date will be deemed to be accurate and serve as a basis for Affiliate’s invoice. Modernize will be obligated to pay Affiliate only based on the numbers included in the Modernize monthly reports.