Ted Baker began as a shirt specialist in 1988. Today, they bring their irreverently British touch to every aspect of life, from menswear, womenswear and accessories to watches, tents and fragrances.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


All affiliates are required to adhere to IAB and Ted Baker Ts Cs. These may be subject to change, but are included below for reference.

Affiliates must always promote Ted Baker in a positive, relevant manner.
All affiliates who apply to the Ted Baker affiliate program will be reviewed prior to a decision being reached. To maximise your chance of being accepted, clearly express your relevance and value to the Ted Baker programme in your application and only list the URL/URLs that you plan to feature Ted Baker on.

Any approvals, apply only to the urls provided at the time of application. You do not have permission to feature Ted Baker on any sites that are not listed in your original application.

The following affiliate sites or behaviours are not permitted:

• Under construction
• Contain adult content or are pornographic or sexually explicit
• Promote violence, discrimination, terrorism, drug use, harassment, or other illegal activities
• Use spyware or phishing techniques or are motivated by fraudulent and dishonest practises
• Adopt black hat web practices
• Work against the interest of Ted Baker
• A competitor or rival company
• Participate in fraudulent activities

Please note, this list is not exhaustive. You are encouraged to clearly express your relevance and value to the Ted Baker programme in your application. If you are rejected, please check that your URL is not in breach of any Ts and Cs. You may be rejected if your website does not clearly highlight an obvious relevance for promoting Ted Baker. If you wish for your application to be reconsidered, please send details of how you plan to feature Ted Baker, along with all URLs that you’d like to be considered, to

In addition affiliates may not:

• Put the Ted Baker website into frames or use masked URLs.
• Purchase domain names which include the Ted Baker brand name, registered trademarks, nor any misspells or variations.
• Alter any of the creative or text links available through Awin interface.
• Hardcode banners into their site, so updates made to those available through Awin may take immediate effect.