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British Corner Shop (US)

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British Corner Shop is the leading eCommerce retailer, helping people worldwide enjoy Britain's favourite branded grocery products. They ship over 10,000 quality British brands to 196 countries and are also an official stockist of 2,000 Waitrose products

Primary Region

United States of America


Program Terms

British Corner Shop Terms and Conditions


Waitrose Products

British Corner Shop work in partnership with Waitrose to sell Waitrose branded products to customers in 146 - not including the UK. Affiliates are welcome to promote Waitrose products to customers in the United States, but cannot do so to audiences within the UK and other excluded countries. Please ask for a list of these excluded locations before you promote our Waitrose range.


Pay per Click (PPC)

PPC affiliates are welcomed. We exclude bidding on the brand name British Corner Shop ®. This includes variations on the brand name including but not exclusively: British CornerShop, BritishCornerShop,, the acronym BCS and other variations or mis-spellings.

Please refer to our PPC documentation for further details. The policy is under the document section, and is titled: British Corner Shop PPC Policy


Voucher Codes

Affiliates can use Voucher Codes, but not generic ones that are used by British Corner Shop for other promotional work. If you are a voucher code affiliate, please request unique discount codes from us for your individual use and we will be happy to provide them.


Occasionally British Corner Shop will undertake their own in-house voucher code based marketing campaigns, such as money-off-first-order vouchers for example. Commissions will not be paid in any cases where customers use such non-affiliate voucher codes on an order.


Product Data Feed

We supply a product data feed for integration and use in affiliates own websites. Do not list this data feed on other comparison sites / marketplaces / merchant centres that are not your own.



When using the British Corner Shop logo, please use it as it appears on the website - on a white background and maintain the aspect ratio. Please contact us if you require our full brand guildelines.


Referring to British Corner Shop

When referring to the company in written copy, please use "British Corner Shop" (3 separate words, title case).



Does the transaction value that commission is paid on include VAT? – Yes

Does the transaction value that commission is paid on include delivery? – No

Does the transaction value that commission is paid on include credit card fees? – Yes

Does the transaction value that commission is paid on include gift wrapping or other service? – Yes

Are commissions not paid out on some product categories? No


Reasons for declined commissions

  • Order cancelled
  • Order returned
  • Customer failed credit card check
  • Breach of terms
  • Duplicate orders
  • Items OOS