Since 1906, Montblanc has revolutionised the culture of writing with breakthrough innovations. Today, the Maison continues to push boundaries with its product categories: writing instruments, timepieces, leather goods, accessories, fragrances and eyewear.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Montblanc does not pay commission on:

•  VAT

•  Delivery charges

•  Credit card fees

•  Gift wrapping, embossing, engraving or other service charges

• Gift cards


1. Paid Search Activity (PPC)

Publishers may not bid on or use Montblanc trademarks to gain preferential listings on Search Engines, Directories or any other kind of online database. and Affiliate Window continually monitor search engine activity across Google, Yahoo and MSN.

1.1 Keyword Bidding (terms)

i. Publishers are NOT permitted to use any Montblanc brand term, including misspells and other variants to gain preferential listings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

ii. Publishers are NOT permitted to use ‘branded term + generic terms’ to gain preferential listings on Google, Yahoo and MSN. For example ‘Montblanc Pens’ or 'Watches from Montblanc'.

iii. See 1.4 for penalties when operating outside of these clauses.

iv. Publishers are permitted to use any keywords that do not relate to any Montblanc keywords. Examples would include ‘pens’ ‘wallets’ ‘watches’.

v. It is the responsibility of the publisher to seek the advice of the Montblanc account manager if they are in doubt.

vi. Publishers are NOT permitted to bid on competitor’s brand terms to drive traffic to This includes, but is not limited to all brands of the Richemont Group and all brands of the Swatch Group, Caran d’Ache and Parker.


Montblanc would like to remind publishers about the dangers of Google’s extended/expanded broad match functionality and would strongly recommend including the term ‘Montblanc’ as a negative keyword on all campaigns in order to negate the risk of appearing on Montblanc brand terms.


1.2 Display URLs

i. Publishers are NOT permitted to use the word ‘Montblanc’ in their display URLs in any text ad, for example:

‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’

ii. Publishers are NOT permitted to use misspellings, or upper/lower case variants.


1.3 Landing Pages

i. All clicks must first land on the publisher’s site, and the user must click from the publisher’s site to

ii. Clicks must never land directly on

iii. Overlays and masked URLs are NOT permitted.


2. Coupons/Promotional Codes


Montblanc will occasionally work with all publishers to accurately promote special offers, discounts and promotions, as well as product launches and news.


The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its affiliate marketing council (AMC) have established a code of best practice for the use of online Voucher Codes.

At a meeting of the main UK networks held on 5 November, agreement was reached on a set of key criteria which will make up the Code, with an ongoing commitment to tighten these as the industry grows.


Networks signing up to Voucher Code best practice agree that they will jointly enforce the code of conduct by not working with affiliates who do not comply with the following:


• Using 'Click to Reveal' when there is no valid or current code present is not permitted of affiliate publishers including using 'Click to Reveal' to show any deals/offers/sales instead of vouchers.

• Voucher code affiliate publishers must clearly detail the voucher offer that will be revealed by the click.

• A valid code is defined as a code that has been legitimately issued by a merchant for use online. This code will have an activation date and where necessary a deactivation date.

• Voucher code directories must contain clear categorization and separation between deals/offers/sales and discount codes


In addition to the IAB’s code of conduct, Montblanc has set out the following provisions for the use of promotion codes and offer promotion.


2.1 Unauthorised coupon/promotion codes:

i. An unauthorised coupon/promotion code is a code that hasn’t been communicated via your account manager. This includes all coupons or any other coupon/promotion code.

ii. Publishers must not feature any unauthorised coupon/promotion codes, nor must publishers cite a URL to that coupon/promotion code anywhere on their website.

iii. Montblanc will decline commissions on all orders when an unauthorised promotion code has been used, and be subject to the penalties detailed in 2.3.

iiii. Montblanc will send the voucher code via email, it is absolutely forbidden using a code that was not communicated via the account manager, the sales made with this code will be cancelled.

iv. It is absolutely forbidden to publish the voucher code directly in the published designated for newsletter subscription. The publisher can publish offer and the URL to get the code after subscribing but never the code. 

v. Cashback publishers cannot use any voucher code.


2.2 Authorised coupon/promotion codes:

i. An authorised coupon/promotion code is one that has been communicated via your account manager. Other coupon/promotion codes may be shared by communicated via your account manager, and these will always be introduced as ‘authorised’.

ii. Montblanc will approve all commissions on orders when an authorised promotion code has been redeemed within the promotional period.

iii. Publishers must not feature an expired coupon/promotion code outside the stated promotional period. If expired coupon/promotion codes continue to feature, this will constitute breach of clause 2.1 regarding the use of unauthorised coupon/promotion codes.


2.3 Affiliates use of trademarks

Affiliates' use of Montblanc’s Trade Marks must be limited to the creative and text supplied by Montblanc through the interface and the network. Any other use is not permitted unless prior permission has been granted by Affiliate Window/Montblanc.


3.0 All voucher code publisher sales will be de-duplicated against all channels with commission paid to voucher code publishers only when they are the last click when compared against all other marketing channels


Standard programme commission: 5%