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[I am] an affiliate of The Motley Fool and may be compensated for promoting its services. If you choose to subscribe through [this link], I will earn some extra money [that supports my channel]. My opinions remain my own and are unaffected by The Motley Fool.

If the affiliate directly mentions The Motley Fool and its products within the content, the affiliate will disclose the affiliate relationship with a statement that such content is “sponsored by,” or “in partnership with,” The Motley Fool. Additionally, a disclosure statement must be presented in a clear and conspicuous manner within the description of the content (i.e., caption, post, description, hashtags). 

More guidance on the FTC Guidelines can be found here: FTC endorsement guide


In compliance with IAB Guidelines, please ensure that you fully disclose when your content contains affiliate links. As such, we strongly recommend that any publisher monetizing content through affiliate marketing provide a link on their site to the following website:


Brand Requirements:

The Motley Fool is a multinational corporation that has many interests and audiences. In order to best serve all of the interests of the corporation, potential partners in the AWIN/ShareASale affiliate marketing program should consider all of these before posting content and working together. 

  • We want to be respectful of all audiences - derogatory comments about specific groups, investors, countries, nationalities, etc. is never okay. 

  • If something seems like it would be the sort of thing The Motley Fool would not want to be affiliated with, please ask someone before posting content. 

  • Affiliates will not use keywords or other content containing terms that fall into the following categories: adult, arms, crime, death and injury, drugs, hate speech, obscenity, terrorism

In the event of a brand safety breach in accordance with these brand requirements, The Motley Fool will contact the affiliate in writing and advise the content be edited, replaced, or taken down. Breach of these brand requirements may also subject the affiliate to nonpayment in accordance with the ShareASale terms and conditions. 


For Loyalty Partners:

Cash back or member rewards are eligible on one (1) subscription per loyalty account number. Only eligible on paid 1 year subscription to The Motley Fool. Subscription must be active for at least 30 days. Cash back or rewards will not be issued until after the 30 day period. 

Promotional Guidelines for Affiliate Partners:

The affiliate offer cannot be combined/stacked with any other 3rd party Motley Fool promotion. Affiliates are ONLY allowed to promote offers and promotions that are available in the Awin network or directly provided to them by The Motley Fool affiliate management team. Any partner promoting an offer that is not available in the network and/or wasn't provided to them directly could result in a reversal of their commission.

Program Policy:

We encourage affiliates to use our keywords in their search engine optimization. However, affiliates may not use our trademark name, our domain name or misspellings or variations of these. Please see the below restricted and recommended keywords. Direct linking is also strictly prohibited for this program.

Restricted Terms:

  • Stock Advisor

  • Fool

  • Motley

  • Gardner

  • Motley Fool misspellings, such as "Montley fool", "Motely Fool", and "Motley fol," or other variations thereof

  • TMF

  • Hidden Gem

  • Rule Breakers

  • RuleBreakers

  • Rule Breaker

  • RuleBreaker

  • Inside Value

  • Income Investor

  • Total Income

  • Pro

  • Supernova

  • Odyssey

  • Phoenix

  • Explorer

  • Rule Your Retirement

  • Market Pass

  • Premier Pass

  • Great America

  • Independence

  • Emerging Markets

  • One

  • Million Dollar Portfolio

  • MDP

  • 10X, 10x

Recommended Terms:

  • stocks

  • investing

  • personal finance

  • stock market news 

  • retirement planning

  • investing advice

  • financial planning

  • stock advice

  • top stocks

  • financial advice

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  • stock picks