The National Trust offers a selection of holiday cottages, campsites, bunkhouses and bothies set in spectacular locations.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Terms and Conditions


Sales of National Trust holiday cottages are typically validated weekly, (Please note commission can be earned on National Trust National Trust Online Shop and membership sales though a separate affiliate programme).

Sales may be declined if:

  • Application is suspected of being fraudulent (this may refer to false bank details, contact information or falsification of addresses.)
  • Application is allocated to another media channel and as a result the affiliate click is not the last click
  • Application uses and unauthorised voucher code
  • The affiliate is in breach of the programme Terms and Conditions.


Notice Periods

Where possible National Trust will try to provide 7 days notice of any programme changes, however in some circumstances this may not be possible. Changes to the programme may include but are not limited to:

  • Changes in the commission structure
  • Site down time
  • Tracking changes
  • Price changes
  • Creative and offer changes.


Website Security

Affiliates are required to take adequate security precautions regarding the security and integrity of their website, including suitable protection and detection. Affiliates must contact National Trust and Awin immediately when they become aware their site is infected by any virus or security breach that could affect the National Trust website, customers and affiliate programme.


Selection Criteria

National Trust operates a closed affiliate programme. If you would like to join please submit a request for an application, this will then be passed to the relevant National Trust management team for consideration.


Websites that use the following methods or content will not be accepted as part of the National Trust affiliate programme:

  • Spamming
  • Adware/Spyware
  • Promoting unethical practices
  • Obscene content or links to adult websites.
  • Publishing content and targeting an audience not in-line with The National Trust.
  • Offensive material
  • Gambling
  • Promoting Travel abroad
  • Non UK Based
  • Unapproved Copy and Creative

Any affiliate approved on the programme who is subsequently deemed inappropriate, such as gambling, porn, race hate, religious discrimination etc., will be immediately removed.


Promotional Banners and Text

As an Affiliate you must not use any text, content, banners or promotional material other than that which has been approved by the National Trust. Any copy used by affiliates must have come from either the information provided within the account or from the NT website or Handbook. Any copy not included must be approved first by the National Trust before being used.

Affiliates may only use approved copy within their social media space, this includes any promotion of any offers or vouchers. Affiliates must agree to pass on full details of any promotions to their site users and also remove any copy or offers by their expiry date.


PPC Policy

Whilst we openly encourage affiliates to bid on search engines on our behalf, we have a restricted keyword policy on the National Trust. Members of our programme will not be permitted to bid on brand, phrases, brand URLs or brand name misspellings on Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, MSN or any other pay per click search engine. As an example you are not permitted to bid on “National Trust” or “National Trust historic houses”. You can bid on generic terms such as “historic houses” but must negatively brand bid on any of these terms.


Forbidden keywords include but are not limited to:

  • The National Trust holidays , National Trust holiday cottages, nat trust etc.

The following rules apply to the display URLs;

  • Affiliates can include trademarks in the sub folders of the display URL's in your Search Engine Adverts e.g.
  • Affiliates are not allowed to include trademarks in the sub domain of the display URL's in your Search Engine Adverts e.g.
  • Affiliates are not allowed to operate domains which contain trademarks for the sole purpose of driving traffic from Search Engines e.g.

The following rules apply to the Ad Copy;

  • Affiliates are allowed to use trademarks in your Ad Copy Title
  • Affiliates are allowed to use trademarks in your Ad Copy Body
  • All Ad copy must be correct and accurate information and must not include opinions or conjecture.
  • Failure to adhere to our search engine policy can result in expulsion from the National Trust programme.


Affiliate Audit

National Trust are required from time to time to carry out an audit on their affiliates to ensure they are complying with the criteria set out by the programme. Failure to comply could result in removal from the programme. National Trust reserves the right to remove affiliates from the programme at any time, however this would be carried out with a valid reason. 


With the exception of breaking the Terms and Conditions we have set for the programme The National Trust will operate a 3 step policy for non-compliant affiliates:

  • All non-compliant affiliates will be contacted asking them to make relevant changes by a set date.
  • Affiliates still non-compliant will be contacted again and required to make relevant changes by a final deadline, this will include notification of the actions to be taken by National Trust should the affiliate  fail to comply within the specified time frame.
  • If changes have not been made by the final deadline and National Trust have not been contacted by the affiliate with an expectant date for changes to be made the affiliate will be removed from the programme.