Peggybuy offers a lot of qualified delicate handicrafts. More than 10,000 products are available here. You can take advantage of our best prices, reasonable quality,and good customer service to meet these goals.

Primary Region

United States of America


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

45 Days

Pay Per Click Search Activity

Pay per click (PPC) search activity and brand name bidding is strictly forbidden by Peggybuy.

- Affiliates are requested not to bid on any brand name terms or any derivation or misspelling (broad, match or  phrase). 

Bidding on any brand names sold by is also not permitted.


- Affiliates may not use domain names that contain the Peggybuy brand name, any connotations of this brand name or any domain name that would falsely associate peggybuy with a 3rd party site.


- Affiliates are not permitted to bid on any of the merchant’s URLs nor link directly to any of these in any form of PPC activity–


- Affiliates are not allowed to bid on terms that contain links to our direct competitors brands.


Use of Product Feed

Peggybuy upload a daily datafeed to the AWin interface that contains the most up to date product listings and prices. We ask all affiliates to present the most up to date prices on their sites by downloading the feed on a daily basis.

- The product feed available is for use on your own websites, and not for use on 3rd party price comparison sites such as Kelkoo where the merchant has their own direct activity. This is applicable in all countries and not limited to the UK only.


- Affiliates may not submit links to Peggybuy products on Google Shopping – this is a violation of both Peggybuy's and Google Merchant Centre’s terms and conditions.


- Affiliates must only promote current offers. Any affiliate found to be consistently promoting incorrect, out of date or misleading prices will be removed from the merchant's affiliate program.


Voucher Code Usage:

- Publishers may only promote voucher codes that have been issued through the affiliate channel. If a publisher is found to be promoting voucher codes that have not been issued through the affiliate channel pending commission payments may be zeroed and transactions may be declined (where a voucher code has been used). Please do not display onsite any voucher codes that have not been issued to you directly by Peggybuy (this includes voucher codes that Peggybuy may be advertising on site or send out to their email base).


- All sites are asked to remove voucher codes or mark them as expired once an offer has finished.

- If a voucher code has been issued to an affiliate the expiry date must be clearly visible.

- Voucher Code sites that display the term ‘click here to view voucher/code’ in reference to Chain Reaction Cycles thus implying that they hold a voucher code for the merchant must only do so only if they actually have a valid voucher code.

General Promotion

- Use of the Peggybuy name and/or logo in any email material is not permitted unless approved by the Peggybuy Affiliate Manager.


- You are not permitted to send any unsolicited email ("spam") under this affiliate programme.


- Affiliates should only use advertising material and content supplied by Peggybuy or Affiliate Window on behalf of Peggybuy (i.e. all advertising material must be downloaded from the AWin interface) and must not edit or modify any of this material unless they gain written consent from the Peggybuy Affiliate Manager.

We ask that affiliates do not hardcode banners into their site so that creative updates can take place.


- Affiliates accept that in becoming a Peggybuy they will act in a responsible manner that does not bring Peggybuy and any of its associated brands, products or services into disrepute.


Affiliates found breaching any of the above stated terms and conditions will be served a warning, commission payments may be put on hold and they may be suspended from the Peggybuy affiliate program. Periodic infringement will result in permanent removal from the program and all pending commission payments declined.