Building around the 'Never Settle' mantra, OnePlus is a global mobile technology company that aims to share the best technology with the world, by delivering hi-end smartphones, TVs, and wearable devices.

Primary Region

United States of America


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

PPC policy 

Affiliates are not allowed to bid on any trademark keywords such as, but not limited to, OnePlus, One Plus,, Any variations or misspellings are also prohibited. Affiliates are not allowed to use TM + keywords such as "OnePlus + keyword". Affiliates are not allowed to direct link. Affiliates are not allowed to use the display URL. 


General Promotion 

  • Affiliates should only use advertising material and content supplied by OnePlus or Awin on behalf of OnePlus (i.e. all advertising material must be downloaded from the AWIN interface) and must not edit or modify any of this material unless they gain written consent from OnePlus. Banners are the property of OnePlus. 


  • Affiliates accept that in becoming a OnePlus affiliate they will act in a responsible manner that does not bring OnePlus and any of its associated brands, products or services into disrepute. 


  • The affiliate website should not promote any illegal activity nor should it copy OnePlus website. 


  • Affiliates must only promote current offers. Any affiliate found to be consistently promoting incorrect, out of date or misleading prices will be removed from OnePlus's affiliate program. 



  • If multiple affiliates refer a sale, credit will be given to the publisher with the last qualified click before the purchase. 


  • Commissions can be changed at any time and the rate of commission is up to the discretion of OnePlus. Any affiliates who are found to be fraudulent or gained commissions fraudulently could be subject to legal action and be removed from the program. OnePlus adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud.


  • Validation period: Our validation period is 45 days. Please wait patiently for your orders to be validated.


  • Commission payment on pre-orders will have a longer validation period and can take up to 60 days. 


Affiliates found breaching any of the above stated terms and conditions will be served a warning, commission payments may be put on hold and they may be suspended from the OnePlus affiliate program. Periodic infringement will result in permanent removal from the program and all pending commission payments declined. 


OnePlus reserves the right add to, change or modify the above terms and conditions without any prior notice.