Wiggle es la tienda de fitness número uno en productos para ciclismo, running, gimnasio, outdoor, natación y triatlón. Destaca por sus productos de calidad de las marcas como Assos, Adidas, Campagnolo, Shimano y Under Armour.


Período de atribución (duración de la cookie)

30 Días

Search term restrictions
Pay Per Click (PPC) search activity and brand bidding are strictly prohibited on Wiggle.
This includes, but is not limited to, PPC, Adword, AdSense, content networks, social media advertising, etc.
The following keywords are the exclusive trademarks of Wiggle and may not be referenced in any paid search advertising that may compete with our current paid search strategies. Affiliates must add unique Wiggle brands as broad match negatives in their paid search accounts. These are:




Wiggle Nutrition

I saw your

Vitus Bicycles






seal bmx

Chain Reaction Cycles



A while



Affiliates are not permitted to bid on misspellings or variations of our brand as a keyword within paid search activity.
Examples: Wigle, Wigglle, Wigglle, life line, dbh etc.
Hybrid terms:
Affiliates are not allowed to bid on the brand and its derivatives (including variations and misspellings) within paid search activity.
For example: Wiggle Cycle, Wiggle BMX Bike, Wiggle Race Face Prodigy OE Stem etc.
Advertising Restrictions:
Affiliates are not permitted to use any of our marks in their ads for paid search activity.
For example: "Wiggle Discount Codes". Failure to comply could result in suspension from the program and no further commissions will be accepted.
Internet domain restrictions
Affiliates may not use Internet domains that contain the Wiggle Trademarks, nor any connotation of the Wiggle Trademark or any Internet domain that falsely associates Wiggle with third party sites.
For example:,,,,
Affiliates are not allowed to bid on any URL or direct link to the merchant in connection with any PPC activity:
Any affiliate found to be in breach of the brand bid or its variations will be suspended from the program and the commission request will be denied.
Validation period

Please note that due to the return period available on Wiggle, all transactions will be subject to a 60 day validation period. 

VAT is only included in the sales value of the transaction for the UK shipping address.

All transactions and inquiries must be submitted within 60 days of the sale date, we reserve the right to refuse sales after that period.
deduplication policy
Wiggle is removing deduplication from all payment sources and will only accept commissions that have come through the affiliate based on the last click.
Fonts that will not be accepted in validations include:
-Generic pay-per-click (PPC) ads
-Comparison shopping engines
-Payment banners
-Email marketing
-Other affiliate networks.
This includes partially canceled transactions. Affiliates will always earn a commission on items shipped from Wiggle.
discount codes
Wiggle may, from time to time, work with individual discount coupon affiliates by providing them with a unique coupon intended to be promoted solely by that affiliate. It will be uploaded to AWIN and designated as limited to that affiliate and is not for extended affiliate use. All transactions using this coupon where the last referral click was not from the listed affiliate will be declined.
- Affiliates may only promote discount codes that have been issued through the affiliate channel. If an affiliate is found to be promoting discount codes that have not been issued through the affiliate channel, it may result in outstanding commission payments being reduced to zero and transactions may be declined (where a discount code has been used). discount). Please do not display any discount codes on your website that have not been issued directly by Wiggle (this includes discount codes posted on Wiggle's website or sent via email).
Affiliates should keep promotions up to date with a clear expiration date and not keep expired coupons active.
Refer a friend program
Affiliates must not use Wiggle's Refer a Friend Program in conjunction with any Affiliate Program.
Price comparison services
Affiliates are not permitted to use any of the following price comparison services where Wiggle is advertised on, but not limited to:
Google Shopping (formerly known as Google Base or Froogle).
gift vouchers
Wiggle does not pay commission on orders that have been paid for with a Wiggle Gift Voucher.

As an approved subnetwork you are and will be responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations related to partners on your platform. When reporting traffic and sales back to Wiggle/ Chain Reaction programmes, you must use the click reference parameter (clickref) to identify the publisher and inform us of the last referring sub-publisher URL that drove the sale. Partners that do not comply will be suspended from ALL Wiggle/ Chain Reaction programmes.


article feed
Wiggle uploads information to the AWIN interface on a daily basis containing the most up-to-date item listings and prices. We ask all affiliates to update the prices on their pages by downloading the feed on a daily basis.
The Wiggle Items feed is only available for trading Wiggle Items.
The feed can only be used for the affiliate's own website. If you are found to be using the item feed for any reason other than promoting Wiggle items, you are in breach of the terms and conditions. 
Affiliates should only promote active offers. Any affiliate who consistently promotes incorrect, outdated, or misleading prices will be removed from the affiliate program.
For specific country feeds, please contact the affiliate manager.
overall promotion
Affiliates should only use any advertising material and content provided by Wiggle or AWIN on behalf of Wiggle (e.g. all advertising material must be downloaded from the Awin interface) and should not edit or modify the materials unless they obtain consent from Wiggle. Written by Wiggle Affiliate Manager.
Rogamos a los afiliados que no codifiquen los banners en sus páginas web para que se puedan realizar actualizaciones creativas.
Logotipo de Wiggle
No está permitido el uso del nombre y del logotipo de Wiggle en cualquier material de correo electrónico a menos que lo apruebe el gerente de afiliados de Wiggle.
Los afiliados deben usar la identidad de Wiggle más reciente y correcta para promocionar Wiggle. Ponte en contacto con nosotros para cualquier solicitud al respecto.
Wiggle tiene derecho a rechazar las comisiones si la identidad es incorrecta.
Los afiliados pueden encontrar el logotipo en la interfaz de AWIN: Enlaces y herramientas: banners
Búsqueda en páginas web
Los enlaces de los afiliados no deberán incluir en ningún caso los siguientes parámetros en sus URL:
• ?s=
• ?Sr=
Los enlaces deberán ser generados al navegar la página web y no a través del recuadro de búsqueda en la página de Wiggle. Los pedidos hechos a través de enlaces que contienen los parámetros susodichos no serán  susceptibles de comisión.   Ponte en contacto con nosotros si tienes dificultad para encontrar una página de destino adecuada.
Los afiliados aceptan que al asumir el cargo de afiliados de Wiggle actuarán de manera responsable de forma que no dañe la imagen de Wiggle ni de ninguna de sus marcas, productos o servicios asociados.
All affiliates who violate the above terms and conditions will receive a warning, commission payments may be suspended and they may be banned from the Wiggle Affiliate Program. Periodic violation of these terms and conditions will result in permanent removal from the program and all pending commission payments will be rejected.
Wiggle reserves the right to change and modify these terms, conditions and restrictions at any time without notice.


Mobile App Tracking


App to app tracking is not yet available and so transactions made on the app will not yet be eligible for commission. Tracking is available on our mobile website and so we would like to encourage you to continue directing traffic to the mobile version of the website where appropriate.

If you are a cashback or loyalty publisher who passes on the commission to your users, we urge you to update the relevant terms and conditions for Wiggle on your website or app to make this clear.