Brussels Airlines opera unos 300 vuelos diarios, conectando la capital de Europa con más de 90 destinos europeos y africanos, así como tres destinos en Norteamérica (Nueva York JFK, Washington D.C. y Toronto).

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1.1. Trademark Ownership / Search Engine Advertising. “Brussels Airlines" is a registered and protected trademark. Client shall not advertise with the brand name / trademark "Brussels Airlines", in particular not in adword campaigns in search engines (such as but not limited to Google, Yahoo/Overture, Bing, Ask, AOL, Naver, Yandex, Baidu) or web catalogues. Client will not use the keyword “Brussels Airlines” / “SN” or keyword combinations (e.g. “Brussels Airlines flights”, “Brussels Airlines tickets”, “SN tickets”, or similar) as well as any misspellings (e.g. “Brussel Airlines", “Brusssels Airline”, or similar) and any other registered trademarks of Brussels Airlines in any languages.
The usage of "Brussels Airlines" / “SN” either in or as part of a domain / sub-domain of the Client as well as positioned in the AdText or as Display URL shall be prohibited.
Any infringement will be persecuted.

1.2. Negative key word list. In addition, Client commits to adding keywords related to the trademarks or brand names of all brands owned by Brussels Airlines, as well as the combinations with generic terms related to the services and products provided by Brussels Airlines or one of her brands, to their list of excluded keywords (negative list) for all campaigns. The exclusion of keywords as a precautionary measure to prevent unintended bidding on Brussels Airlines brands, trademarks, services and products should further consecute as a foregoing process upon Brussels Airlines request.